American & Mediterranean Cuisine

Flavors for everyone

At Wild Wings N Things, our specialty lies in our wide array of chicken wing flavors, each carefully crafted for different taste preferences. From classic Buffalo-style wings to unique and inventive flavors, such as sweet and tangy bbq, teriyaki, and garlic parmesan, there is something for everyone. Customers can choose their preferred level of spiciness, allowing them to tailor their experience to their desired heat level.

Authentic Mediterranean Menu

Our Mediterranean menu is a delightful fusion of flavors inspired by the vibrant cuisines of the Mediterranean region. Indulge in this authentic menu that includes fresh ingredients, aromatic herbs, and bold spices. Try our grape leaves, falafel, hommous, or our refreshing fattoush salad. Our menu captures the essence of Mediterranean culinary traditions right in your own neighborhood!


Healthy Options

Our menu features options for everyone, including healthy food options. Pair your takeout chicken wings with a nice hearty salad. We have greek salad & fattoush salad available.